Government Labor

Ides | Illinois Department of Employment Services is the State agency that pays unemployment benefits, collects unemployment taxes, runs the employment service and Illinois Job Bank.

U.S. Department of Labor | Charged with preparing the American workforce for new and better jobs, and ensuring the adequacy of America's workplaces.


Job Search Resources

Find A Topic: Jobs & Careers | Find information related to companies, job fairs, resume writing, interviewing, and career changes. | Lists a wide range of volunteer and non-profit jobs.

LinkedIn | A professional networking resource specifically aimed to help you discover new jobs, companies, and more while simultanesouly networking with coworkers, colleagues, and more.

USA Jobs | Search through a comprehensive list of Federal jobs.

Veteran Job Search Aid | Are you a vet who is having trouble finding a job after the military? Check out these resources.

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Resume & Cover Letter Aid

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How to Write a Cover Letter Guide | Learn how to write a sufficient, concise, and professional cover letter that will increase your chances of job placement.

How to Write a Resume |  This free, handy guide covers a variety of topics relating to resumes, with in-depth information on cover letters, writing tips and much more.

Open College's How to Write a Resume | Use this resource as a comprehensive guide on how to put together a resume.

Professional Resume Templates | Explore various pre-made resume templates and download the one that best suits your interest. Completely free and easy to use. Microsoft Word compatibility only.

Raw Resume | Learn how to create an efficient and successful resume that will impress potential employers and increase your chances for success.

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Resume Lab | Explore resume, CV and cover letter templates, examples, formats, and even build your own!